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2019 Yeti Challenge 3.15.19 (6AM CrossFit)


2019 Yeti Challenge 3.15.19 (6AM CrossFit)

Rain or Shine we will be outside. Dress appropriately, and prepare for all possibilities, including poor trail conditions.

Beginning on the pool deck…

10 Front Squats

10 Hang Power Cleans

10 Banded Push Ups

move to the gravel lot…

10 Tire Flips

proceed down the wood chip trail…mind your step…

Six Vault or 5 Jump Squats for every Vault you skip

Balance Beam or 5 Body Builders if you fail to complete it first run

Bear Crawl marker to marker, then double back to Pull Up Bar

10 Pull Ups or 20 Ring Rows

Walking Lunges marker to marker

make your way to the trail behind the building, and back to the pool deck…Rinse & Repeat


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