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4-1-20 Not a Joke


4-1-20 Not a Joke

(Find a weight to run with and/or to perform the following movements. Examples might include: Weight Vest, Backpack, Kettlebell, dumbbell, weight plate, laundry detergent containers, be creative!!)

4 Rounds (with weight for exercises)
400m Run
15 Squats
10 Pick Up and Press
10 Standing Toe Taps on Top of Weight
15 Swings (Backpack/KB or DB Snatch)

3 Rounds
8 Get Ups (with weight)
8 Toe Touch Crunches
8 Burpees

2 Rounds
800m Run with Weight/Vest?
30 Push Ups with Vest?

1 Round
Mile Run with Vest

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