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Absday 112019


Absday 112019



10 Burpees

25 Double Unders


4 Rounds for quality

5 Tempo Toes to Bar, 1 Up/4 Down

10 Alt Leg Raises from rings. Coming to full extension above rings, lift one leg to an L position, then alternate until you hit a count of 10.

10 Buzzsaws. Rings 4-6in from ground, feet in rings, body in plank from elbows. Make sawing motion forward and back with the body, keep butt down.

10 Prone Windshield Wipers. Laying on back, legs locked and pointed straight in the air, arms extended to your sides. Slowly, and with control touch legs to the ground, arching from right to left, touching close to the hands.

*If you ask if its single count, or two count on the reps…its two count. Don’t ask.

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