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Fight Club

Fight Club at Genesis CrossFit is a high intensity class, with the goal of getting a full body workout, while burning a maximum amount of calories.  We employ a variety of striking disciplines; traditional boxing, kickboxing, as well as more practical self-defense combative techniques.  The eclectic compliment of styles helps keep each class exciting, and challenging.

Instructors:  We have instructors with a variety of striking/martial arts backgrounds, giving each class a unique flair, while maintaining the same intensity, and quality instruction every time.

Class Structure:  Classes are set up in 10, 3 minute rounds, with a 1 minute rest between each round.  The instructor will also administer an approximate 10 minute warm up, and cool down, bookending each class. 

Skill/Ability Level:  Although the classes lend themselves to being very high intensity, it is a relative intensity.  By allowing a participant to push hard, but at a pace appropriate for that individual, they can have a workout experience that is intense (for them).  No need to worry about comparing yourself to anyone else, just come in, burn calories, have fun!