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Friday 6.30.17


Friday 6.30.17

4th of July Boot Camp Challenge

Warm Up Starts at 5:45 am with workout beginning at 6:00 am.  Make sure your barbells and sandbags are setup on the outdoor pool deck by 5:45 am.


“Battle Buddy Style”
30 Deadlifts (share)
17 Sandbag Squats (apiece)

then “O” Course

30 Ground to Overhead (share)
76 Push Ups (share)

then “O” Course


  • One person works at a time on the reps (switch as needed)
  • Alternate paths on the “O” Course after each round
  • Can’t start on the barbell reps until your battle buddy is back from the “O” Course


“O Course” consists of:

Buddy #1 – Runs from pool deck to high bar for 10 pull ups/leg lifts via six vault and balance beam and back
Buddy # 2 – Runs from pool deck to grassy hill with 10 dips and 2 grassy hill runs with sandbag and back



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