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Monday 4.15.19


Monday 4.15.19


4 Rounds:

1 Forward Somersault + 1 Backward Somersault

1 Diving Forward Roll (work up to maximum distance Rx)

2 Cartwheel

1 Round Off

4 Inverted Burpees

1 Back walk over (use wall or box for an assist)

“Roe Pride”


*Each movement is to be considered before attempting, because if you fail to complete the number of reps unbroken, your work does not count, and you cannot reattempt until the next round. Performing the workout Rx means one attempt at a minimum work set per round. You only count your reps if you perform the following unbroken…

7 Meter Handstand Walk

4 Bar Muscle Ups

87 Double Unders

2+ Free Standing Handstand Push Ups, any additional reps beyond 2 are all counted as bonus.


Option 1, you’re allowed two attempts to achieve the required work per round.

Option 2, 14 Shoulder touches, 8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups, 174 Single Unders, strict Box HSPU from feet NOT knees, one set allowance for each movement.

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