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Saturday 1.6.18


Saturday 1.6.18

Team WOD: 2 Rounds “Deck of Cards”


Round 1 movements – Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95/65)

– Strict Press (95/65)

– Pull ups (ring rows)

– Burpees-over-Bar


Round 2 movements – Bentover Row (115/85)

– Reverse Lunges (115/85)

– Pushups

– AB Mat Situps


*each team will be given half the deck of cards. A suit will be assigned to each movement. When a card is pulled, the team will complete the movement that corresponds to the suit. The number of reps is determined by the number on the card. 


*There will be one joker in the deck.  The Joker will represent a 100 wallballs ( 100 reps total, 2 med balls can be going at a time to accumulate as a team)

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