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Saturday 12.17.16


Saturday 12.17.16

Class Is Being Held at CrossFit HealthRidge


Warm Up

5 Minutes of INCH Worms – Stop every 4 and do 4 lunge steps



Push Press with empty bar:

  1. Establish everyone’s front rack.  Bar should be resting on the shoulders with elbows high.
  2. Working on the front rack to the dip and drive only.
  3. Working on the dip then drive then press after the bar leaves the shoulders.  Do not press before the drive is complete.



OT2 Minutes for 10 Minutes

5 x 5 Push Press.  Should be using a weight that is extremely difficult to complete the 5th rep.  Using light weight during this will be a waste of time for what this is trying to accomplish.  If form is there then stack the weight on.


Technique – Push Ups

Review the proper method of a front leaning rest plank:

  1. Arms straight
  2. Hips tucked under and ribs pulled toward the belly button
  3. No sagging

4 x 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off of a hard plank


Review the ground  thumper:

  1. Lay flat on the stomach
  2. Hands should be placed close to the body right outside the armpits
  3. Extend the elbows until they have locked out and then return to the ground
  4. Hips and thighs should be flat on the ground during the extension

4 x 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off – max reps during this time


Review the push up from the box:

  1. Place hands on a box about shoulder width apart.  High box for easier and low box for harder
  2. Establish a hard plank
  3. Lower the body until the chest touches the box.  Not touching the chest on the box is cheating the movement leading to slower progression of the standard push up, so a higher box may be needed
  4. Return to the start position with elbows fully extended

4 x 20 seconds on and 40 seconds off – max reps during this time

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