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Saturday 3.4.17


Saturday 3.4.17

7:00 AM Boot Camp Session Meets at CrossFit HealthRidge


Strict Pull Up Progression

Alpha’s OT2M for 10 Minutes 4 Pull Ups

Bravo OT2M for 10 Minutes 5 Australian Pull Ups and 1 Pull Up

Charlie OT2M for 10 Minutes 5 Ring Rows and 2 Eccentric Pull Ups


Push Up Progression

3 Rounds of 30 Sec on and 30 Sec off

Max Rep Ground Thumpers

Max Reps Push Ups/Box Push Ups

Plank from Hands


Strength: Push Jerks (from the rack) Push Jerk  

OT2MInutes for 20 Minutes

5 Reps at Heavy Weight

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