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Thursday 120419


Thursday 120419


8×3 Back Squat, 80%

Partner WOD:

Time Cap 25 Min

1 Mile Sled Drag+single kettlebell carry, Both partners pull at once. 45/35 plate for a male or female partner. Each team must also carrie one 35lb kettlebell. Switch partners holding the bell at anytime, and as often as necessary. No penalties, just keep moving.

*sleds stay off the sidewalk while in the parking lot. 5/6AM & 5PM classes must wear reflector belts.

then, with remaining time…


1 Wall Walk

20 Double Unders

1 Snatch at 80% of 1RM

*Partners work 1 for 1

*Score is number of rounds of the AMRAP. Post rounds+ reps, and clean weight.

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