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Thursday 91919


Thursday 91919

Partner WOD:

For time…

100 Armless Burpees

*One partner starts on the burpees, while the other completes one round of the following…

1 Rope Climb, or 6 Knees to Elbow

15 Ball Slams 40/25

10 Lateral PVC Pipe Jump Overs 24/20

*Armless burpee- hands clasped behind your back, as if you were handcuffed (YOU know). Without using your arms, get to your belly, chest and quads on the ground at the same time, then get to your feet and jump. Repeat.

*PVC Pipe jumps-Place PVC pipe on box, extended well over the edge of the box, and weigh it down with a plate. Standing beside the PVC, jump laterally from once side to the other 10 times.

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