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Tuesday 101320


Tuesday 101320

GroupWarm Up:

In 8 minutes and doing singles, build to 70-80% of your one rep max squat or power clean.

In 8 minutes perform 5-5-3-3-1-1 bench press, building across all sets.

In 8 Min perform 3-3-2-2 of overhead squats, building across all sets.

*WOD starts at 35-40 min after the hours.


CrossFit Total 2…. “the other total”

Sum of the best of each lift…

Clean (squat or power)

Bench Press

Overhead Squat

*Score is the total of max effort on all three lifts. Athlete gets 3 attempts at each lift. Weight must increase after each successful attempt at each movement. Weight may not be decreased after first attempt. A failed rep counts as an attempt. Clean is from the ground, power or full/squat.

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