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Tuesday 10819


Tuesday 10819

5×5 Bench Press, 75-80%

10 Min Plank

6×3 Front Squat 80%

4 Rounds

10 Weighted sit ups 44/26

*lay flat. Hold kettlebell over your chest with arms extended straight, so the bell is pointed to the ceiling. As you sit up, your arms should stay extend and point to the ceiling the whole time. Sit all the way up with your biceps by your ears, arms locked out, legs flat on the ground. Do it again.

50 Flutter kicks, holding kettlebell over chest in same position as previous movement, except lift upper torso into hollow body position.

10 Lateral Partner Med-ball toss, 20/14

*with a twisting of the torso, step and toss the med ball to your partner. Quickly toss/receive, then toss back.

5 Kettlebell Standing Windmills, R/L 44/26

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